I was told of beauty;

that it was in the eyes.

I was told it would make you stare into space and oblivion

It did…

And it wasn’t in the eyes or in beauty itself,

It is in your heart and mine and into the horizon.

It was light. It was space. It was zest.

It was mercy. It was love. It was careless.

I was told of beauty,

That it was in the soul.

It is…

That it is not beauty at first and that it will grow.

It did…

It was black. It was orange. It was green.

It was you. It was us. It was me.

I was told of beauty that it is divine.

It is…

That your heart would skip a beat and it would stop time

It’s true…

That your intentions will intentionally get delusional.

It’s true…

‘Coz when I saw you;

love was at first sight, but beauty waited for first light and gave an illusion for gainful decisions.

Like sailors set sail into troubled waters to find nothing more.


But it was beautiful.

Such a sight for sore eyes.

I beheld and held a gaze till my beholding passed those gates.

It was free. it was an opium of a kingdom.

It was nature and human and I want some.

Wholesome. Everything. Wholesome.

I was told of beauty till I saw one;

above clouds and into the rainbow I saw it all.

The break of dawn. morning. evening. healing.

It was pain and hope and victory.

It was a puppy. a baby and simply

gaining strength against things so filthy.

That’s why life is so beautifully

shaped with pain and hope and victory.

By jasonspotlight


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